About our site

About our site

CapriceWest opened in 1988. Glenda Polak has owned it for the past 15 years and has expanded and moved it twice. Glenda was born to shop and her mom taught her at a young age to enjoy ‘the thrill of the hunt’. As a tribute to women who have inspired and encouraged her she hired local artist Gracie Jane Generaux to paint the dressing room doors and a large mural behind the cash desk.

At CapriceWest we don’t have sales associates, we have retail therapists! Who doesn’t need a dose of retail therapy every now and then? Stop in for your free dose and remember if you take longer than planned on your lunch hour, CapriceWest will be happy to write a note for you to give to your boss stating that ‘your retail therapy session went longer than anticipated but was very successful!”.

“Thank you, Glenda for pursuing your dream to make CapriceWest happen. I love shopping at CapriceWest; it’s my first choice!” Kathee, customer

Sustainable Fashion

    Shopping at consignment stores and consigning your items helps the environment by:
  • Reducing the amount of clothing discarded into landfills
  • Decreasing the environmental impact of chemicals used to produce new fibres

Consignment and the Local Economy

As a locally owned and operated store, Caprice West is helping the local environment. You can too, by choosing to shop at consignment stores.

Every purchase made at CapriceWest supports sustainable clothing practices within our community! Now that’s what we call “ECO-CHIC!”

Charities we support:

Wings of Providence

Suit Yourself

Cinderella’s Closet

Elizabeth Fry Society of Edmonton

Bissell Centre

“CapriceWest has an amazing selection of clothing, shoes and jewelry in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You won’t want to leave! Glenda and her team go above and beyond to make you fell welcome!”

Bonnie-Jean, Customer

“I did not know that this wonderful little piece of heaven was in the west end. Now that I know about it, I will tell my friends who also love these type of stores!”

Geri, customer